Let's be part of the solution, together. Using OceanPoly® products helps reduce ocean trash every day.

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The Flow of Things


Plastic waste is collected from beaches and waterways in heavily polluted areas, stopping ocean pollution at its source. Collection areas can include Haiti, Indonesia, the Phillippines, Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, and the Dominican Republic.


The collected plastic waste is transported to sorting facilites where bags, bottles and other items are segretated based on material type.


The segregated waste is bundled and prepared for transport to the recycling facility.

Crush & Wash

Bundles of collected HDPE and PET are sent through large processors, where they are washed and grinded into small pieces and flakes.

Process into Pellets

Once the plastic waste has been cleaned and cut down to a more manageable size, it is melted and converted into plastic resin pellets.

Manufacture into Oceanpoly® Plastic

The recycled pellets are blended with other plastic resins to achieve desirable strength and appearance for the final product. The mixture of pellets is heated and extruded into OceanPoly® plastic film; film which can be converted into recyclable packaging including plastic bags and poly mailers.

Finished Plastic

Packaging and bags made from OceanPoly® material are printed with the OceanPoly® logo, SCS Certification logo, and QR code. Consumers are able to scan the QR code linking them to an educational video explaining the benefits of OceanPoly® and the value of your investment in this unique packaging material. As our slogan states: Let’s make waves together.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can we do to prevent ocean pollution due to plastics?

    Improved waste management programs and the promotion of sustainable materials are critical to long-term success in reducing ocean plastic pollution. But what else can be done? Ocean plastic pollution must be stopped at the source. We don’t need to wait to see more mass accumulation in the water – 8 million metric tons per year is plenty. The problem has to stop before it starts, and the way to make that happen is through collecting accumulated waste before it enters our ocean. Collecting plastic from problem areas and using it to create new, innovative products is one of the best ways to drive change. Doing so not only impacts one of Earth’s most valuable natural resources, but also the communities surrounding those resources. Proper plastic collection at the source creates an undeniably positive impact on our ocean, its inhabitants, and the human life that resides both in surrounding communities and around the world. As consumer demand for sustainable brands grow, more companies aim to respond to the call for change. OceanPoly® provides companies an option to meet the demand for change.

  • What is in OceanPoly®?

    OceanPoly® is one of the best solutions to the plastic waste that fills our global ocean. Collected from coastal pollution source areas, such as beaches and waterways, OceanPoly® contains a minimum of 25% recycled plastic recovered from PET plastic bottles or HDPE plastic bottles and bags. OceanPoly® can be used in manufacturing a variety of recyclable packaging, including plastic bags and poly mailers. It provides a sustainable solution to a growing problem.

  • What makes OceanPoly® different from other recycled plastics?

    OceanPoly® is unique in the fact that the plastic it is created from is sourced directly from areas that lack community collection efforts – areas that are more likely to result in plastic flowing directly into the ocean. Using products made from OceanPoly® creates demand and financially incentivizes local populations to collect materials such as HDPE and PET, which can be recycled efficiently. Supporting these cleanup efforts creates opportunities for economically challenged locations, which could include Haiti, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and the Dominican Republic. By choosing OceanPoly®, you are choosing to invest in others, to help protect marine life and to tackle the ocean pollution problem at its source.

  • When will OceanPoly® be available?

    You can make the transition to more sustainable packaging solutions today. Complete our contact form to be put in touch with a local distributor to review item options, pricing and availability.

  • How do I know OceanPoly® really is what it claims to be?

    OceanPoly® is one of the few marine plastic alternatives with an SCS Recycled Content Certification. The SCS Certification helps recyclers and reclamation facilities make credible claims about their diversion strategies and recycling rates. The SCS Recycled Content Certification logo, in conjunction with the OceanPoly® logo, can be printed on OceanPoly® products and represents to customers your commitment to being part of the solution.

  • Can my plastic bag have 100% recycled OceanPoly® content?

    Materials used to produce OceanPoly® are collected from multiple regions and from multiple types of recycled products. The production of bag material requires reheating plastics to produce blown film. Because the melting points of materials will vary, at this time, it’s not possible to produce blown film from 100% post-consumer recycled content. Recycled materials must be blended in with virgin materials to achieve a desirable strength and appearance. OceanPoly® is certified to contain a minimum of 25% post-consumer recycled content collected from coastal pollution source areas, such as beaches and waterways. Another 25% of pre-consumer recycled content is within the film, bringing the total recycled content of OceanPoly® products to 50%.

  • What items can OceanPoly® be used to manufacture?

    OceanPoly® can be used to make blown film for polyethylene bags and mailers.

  • Tell me about upgrading with products made from OceanPoly®?

    Complete our contact form to be put in touch with local distributors to confirm pricing, availability and item options. By using products made from OceanPoly®, you are supporting a long-term, economically sensible, and environmentally friendly solution to our marine plastic problem.

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By purchasing OceanPoly® products, you are supporting a long term, economically sensible and environmentally friendly solution to our marine plastics problem.